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Executive Financial Planning Platform

As an independent, SEC Registered Investment Advisor, Biltmore Capital Advisors has worked alongside Johnson & Johnson executives for years developing sound, long term financial planning and asset management solutions catered to the JNJ community. The years of working with JNJ employees has given us a unique understanding of not only the company culture, but benefits, tax issues, and other particular concerns and opportunities that the community faces. Having an office located in the heart of Princeton, NJ puts us in a great place geographically to meet with our clients in person.

Our team of advisors has knowledge as well as a unique perspective in areas such as:

  • JNJ Pension Choices: We have developed a Pension Optimization Strategy designed to find the best possible pension option for you. We compare the joint life options against a single life option combined with insurance to see if we can enhance the after tax cash flows without bearing substantial risk.
  • Stock Option Exercise Strategy: Exercising stock options and dealing with Fidelity during a busy work day can be challenging. Our advisors help our clients to do all the legwork associated with these transactions while helping develop strategy.
  • RSU’s/Stock Options: Making these decisions are difficult to many. Our customized financial planning software can help you make decisions on what percentage of options or RSU’s to take annually.
  • Portfolio Based Lending: Biltmore Capital Advisors had negotiated some of the lowest interest rates in the country for borrowing against your portfolio. These low financing rates can help you achieve your longer term goals, providing for cheap financing. We find that families use this line of credit to help exercise stock options, refinance their mortgages, or purchase investment properties. Your advisor can help you strategize about utilizing this low cost financing to see if it can help you in the long run.
  • 401K Choices and Management: Many families don’t have a big picture strategy which pulls in their financial planning, 401(k) management, and taxable portfolio. Our advisors can not only help you pick selections that mirror your financial plan, but also help you manage and report on your 401(k).
  • Tax Managed Diversification: We help define strategies that help increase income and diversify your JNJ position.
  • Benefits: Life and disability insurance can seem like a waste of money, but are important to have. We will help navigate the questions people often have, such as, “How much is enough?”, and “Am I over insured?” . Our financial planning simulations can help you model out the risks and benefits of these types of policies.

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